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   Edward T. Yu
   Microelectronics Research Center
   The University of Texas at Austin
   10100 Burnet Road, Building 160
   Austin, TX 78758


about the laboratory
We conduct research on new semiconductor materials and advanced electronic and optoelectronic devices, and are concerned broadly with the understanding, manipulation, and application of the electronic and optical properties of solid-state materials and devices at the nanoscale. To these ends, our laboratory incorporates efforts in advanced materials characterization, particularly using proximal probe techniques; micro- and nanofabrication; device characterization and analysis of device physics; and numerical modeling and simulation. Current areas of interest include the following:
  • photovoltaics and other technologies for energy harvesting, generation, and storage

  • nanoscale imaging and characerization techniques, particularly based on proximal probes

  • oxide semiconductor materials and devices

  • spin-based semiconductor devices

  • solid-state nanostructure physics and devices generally

For further information, please contact the laboratory principal investigator:

Edward T. Yu
ety at ece dot utexas dot edu
ph: +1.512.232.5167
fax: +1.512.471.8969

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